How to get more bookings for your aesthetics clinic?

We’ve looked at the industry from a business perspective. In this post we will talk about what you can do as an aesthetics practitioner to get more bookings in your clinic or beauty salon. Whether you’re doing it as a mobile practitioner or joined an established clinic – maybe opened your own clinic – this guide will be useful for you.

Starting out in aesthetics checklist:

  • Show off your results
  • Social media
  • Know your audience
  • Utilise Digital
  • Convenient Consultation
  • Clear Client Journey
  • Competitions

Show off your process and results

Customers want to know what will happen during their aesthetic treatment – when it comes to marketing your reputation, your results and treatment outcomes define your business.

Some of your bookings will come from people that are new to the world of aesthetics and might feel anxious yet interested.

The more transparent you are with your client experience, the more likely those people will book a consultation with your clinic.

Try describing what happens during the consultation phase, before the appointment, during the treatment and after-care clearly on your socials, website, leaflets as it gives you a chance to put your clients’ mind at easy and create trust.

Transparency with pricing is also key – make sure payment information and terms are clearly accessible on your platform.

People associate clear pricing on websites with honesty and it leaves a positive impression while secretive websites can look shady or make visitors assume treatments will be overpriced. Price transparency will put emphasis on the value of the service you are providing instead of making your customer’s aesthetics experience overly price-focused. We advise to shift focus from pricing to great experience, value of what they get and how they will fell.

Great questions to ask yourself during brainstorming:

  • What emotions people have in different stages of interacting with your clinic? Some of them might be nervous or hesitant as they know little about the industry and how treatments work.
  • What is making your visitors NOT get in touch with you? If you’re smart and you continuously learn how people interact with your brand, you will gain valuable insight into what your clients want and expect from you as a clinic of their choice.
  • How do I measure up compared to my competitors? We’ve got a competitor analysis guide you can easily do on your own, but it is basic business practice. Competitor analysis is a must!
  • Is this valuable for my client? Is the content you provide telling anything for the audience? Good content is
  • What are the misconceptions of lip filler/anti-wrinkle/chemical peel treatments?

How to use social media for aesthetics and beauty businesses?

Social Media is one of the best ways to generate new business and represent your brand at the same time, but you’ve probably heard this elsewhere already.

The truth in 2022: the market is very competitive (saturated) and you will have to be smart, active, organised, consistent and yes there’s trends worth hopping onto but it seems just like in every industry – you need to come up with more and more creative ways to entertain your audience to capture their attention.

Here’s an article from XYZ

TikTok and Instagram reels are a must and using trending music is still the way to go!

Do you know what the most frequently questions your audience are? What they search for on google? What misconceptions they have of aesthetics or even specific treatments?

Those are all amongst the list of things to consider but if you can begin with … let’s say five to start with – there’s your social media content and some talking points for promotions. Sign up to our newsletters to get tips about coming up with social media content.

Facebook Ads for Aesthetics

Organic content isn’t always enough. One of the fastest way to get in front of your audience is PPC. It’s not impossible to do it yourself, but it requires planning and constant monitoring so you can optimise your campaigns.

Here’s an article of what PPC means – you should have some type of understanding of what’s going on – and good agencies will always explain how things work so before launching a PPC campaign.

Use Facebook and its free training material to use FB and Instagram advertising for easy targeting.

Important: there are special rules when it comes to advertising treatments that are done with a needle, for example.

You can’t use images or video of treatments in your paid advertising, as it is against TikTok and Facebook policies. We’ve got a comprehensive list of rules and regulations when it comes to marketing treatments in the aesthetic industry – it’s worth a read whether you’re just starting our now or have been in the industry for a while now.

Customer Journey for Aesthetics Clinics

Offering free consultations is industry standard, and providing a friendly and informative customer journey is almost as important to your clients as getting the treatment right. People want to have a positive customer experience with the businesses they spend their money on, and it’s no difference when it comes to aesthetics, beauty or even cosmetic surgery.

Social Media Competitions

A good social media competition doesn’t cost too much and can generate lots of brand awareness. If done right, you should be able to walk away with at least 300 leads you can then try to convert into clients. Even with 1% conversion would mean 30 clients in the short term, and you can utilise the brand awareness generated to attract more eyes to your clinic.

Interested in more? Contact us with a question and we will happily answer free of charge. It is also a good idea to sign up to our free newsletter that give you handy tips about generating bookings and making your aesthetics business successful.