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Certified aesthetics practitioners offering dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatments in the UK.

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Whether it is your first time or you are coming for a top up, we will make sure that you are set for comfort and a pleasant aesthetics experience.

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We are fully certified by Certifying Body and received extensive training in anatomy and complications management. 


We’re offering a variety of treatments; all of which are covered by insurance (Insurance Provider Name).

Aesthetics Treatments

We currently offer six treatments in different areas. We encourage our clients to call us or get in touch with the form below so we can answer any questions about the specific treatment you’re interested in.


Schedule a free consultation where we can answer all your questions about your aesthetics needs.

Lip Fillers

Boost your confidence and get visibly plumper lips with our lip filler treatments from 0.5ml to 2 ml!

Anti - Wrinkle

Stay youthful and get rid of those wrinkle lines with our Botox treatments available for four areas.

Micro Needling

Amazing for smoother, nicer skin. Our micro needling treatments generate new collagen and skin tissue to achieve a firmer, more toned skin.

Chin Fillers

Achieve the desired jawline and contour your face with our advanced dermal filler treatment. Four  areas available.

Vitamin B12 Injections

Say bye to those symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency with a course of Vitamin B12 injection treatments.

Skin Peel

A chemical peel cleanses the skin on your face and causes the skin to regenerate healthier cells.

I came to get my lips done at your clinic and I have to say I have received a very professional service and I’m super happy with my lips! Your name has been amazing, answered all my questions and did exactly what I wanted her to! Would definitely recommend.

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 Aesthetics Treatments
Professional Clinic.

We’re certified by Certifying Body and insured by Insurance Company. You’ll be in safe hands as we are fully trained in complications management as well as in constant contact with nurse led partner clinics who we share best practices with on the daily basis. 

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Detailed Price List


Treatment Practitioner Model
Lip Fillers from £150 per ml £100 per ml
Nasolabial Folds from £150 per ml £100 per ml
Marionette Lines from £200 per ml £120 per ml
Cheek Enhancements from £200 per ml £110 per ml
Jawline Contouring from £200 per ml £110 per ml
Temples Hollows from £200 per ml £110 per ml
Non – Surgical Rhinoplasty £200 £100
Hyaluronidase / Dissolve £80 £30